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noun bone·meal \ˈbōn-ˌmēl\

Simple Definition of bonemeal

  • : bones that have been crushed or ground and that are added to soil to help plants grow better

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of bonemeal

  1. :  crushed or ground bone used especially as fertilizer or feed


First Known Use of bonemeal


Rhymes with bonemeal

aiguille, all-wheel, anneal, appeal, big deal, big wheel, bilge keel, bonspiel, cam wheel, Castile, cartwheel, chainwheel, chenille, cogwheel, conceal, congeal, cornmeal, done deal, eared seal, enwheel, fifth wheel, fish meal, flywheel, forefeel, for real, four-wheel, freewheel, fur seal, genteel, get real, good deal, great seal, handwheel, harp seal, ideal, inchmeal, mild steel, mill wheel, misdeal, mobile, Mobile, monk seal, mouthfeel, New Deal, newsreel, nosewheel, oatmeal, O'Neal, pastille, piecemeal, pinwheel, prayer wheel, raw deal, repeal, reveal, schlemiel, self-heal, side-wheel, singspiel, somedeal, spike heel, stabile, tahsil, Tar Heel, thumbwheel, unreel, unseal, worm wheel

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