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noun bom·bast \ˈbäm-ˌbast\

Simple Definition of bombast

  • : speech or writing that is meant to sound important or impressive but is not sincere or meaningful

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of bombast

  1. :  pretentious inflated speech or writing

Examples of bombast in a sentence

  1. <the other world leaders at the international conference had little interest in being subjected to the president's bombast>

  2. <you need less bombast and more substance in this speech on human rights>

Did You Know?

The original meaning of "bombast" (now obsolete) is "cotton or any soft fibrous material used as padding or stuffing." It is derived through Middle French bombace, from Medieval Latin bombax, which means "cotton." "Bombax" in turn comes from "bombyx," a Latin and ultimately Greek word that means "silkworm" or "silk." Etymologists aren't certain why the shift from silk to cotton occurred, though one source attributes it to an error going back to the Roman scholar Pliny, who had reported that cotton was produced by an insect analogous to the silkworm. "Bombast" has been retained in modern English because it took on a figurative sense used in reference to speech or writing. Thus the basic sense of "stuffing or padding" has survived, but now the stuffing consists of words rather than cotton.

Origin and Etymology of bombast

Middle English bombast cotton padding, from Middle French bombace, from Medieval Latin bombac-, bombax cotton, alteration of Latin bombyc-, bombyx silkworm, silk, from Greek bombyk-, bombyx

First Known Use: 1583

Rhymes with bombast

aghast, at last, avast, bedfast, Belfast, broadcast, bypast, contrast, dicast, dismast, downcast, dynast, fantast, flypast, forecast, foremast, forepassed, full blast, gymnast, half-caste, half-mast, handfast, holdfast, lightfast, mainmast, makefast, march-past, miscast, newscast, oblast, offcast, outcast, outcaste, precast, recast, repast, roughcast, sandblast, sand-cast, shamefast, sportscast, topmast, trade-last, typecast, upcast, webcast, windblast

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