adjective \ˈbōld\

: not afraid of danger or difficult situations

: showing or needing confidence or lack of fear

: very confident in a way that may seem rude or foolish

Full Definition of BOLD

a :  fearless before danger :  intrepid
b :  showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit
obsolete :  assured, confident
:  sheer, steep <bold cliffs>
:  adventurous, free <a bold thinker>
:  standing out prominently
:  being or set in boldface
bold·ly \ˈbōl(d)-lē\ adverb
bold·ness \ˈbōl(d)-nəs\ noun

Examples of BOLD

  1. Few politicians have been bold enough to oppose the plan to cut taxes.
  2. It's a bold plan that might fail.
  3. Hiring a novice was a bold move.
  4. He punished the bold child for talking back.
  5. I'd like to offer a few criticisms, if I may be so bold.
  6. She wore a dress with bold stripes.
  7. The painting is done in bold colors.

Origin of BOLD

Middle English, from Old English beald; akin to Old High German bald bold
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with BOLD



Definition of BOLD

:  boldface

First Known Use of BOLD

circa 1871

Other Printing Terms

epigraph, errata, leader, mechanical, notch, tittle, underscore, widow


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