geographical name \ˌbō-gō-ˈtä, -ˈt, ˈbō-gə-ˌ\

Definition of BOGOTÁ

city of Colombia on plateau in the Andes pop 6,850,500


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City (pop., 2003 est.: 6,850,505), capital of Colombia. It lies on a plateau east of the Andes Mountains. European settlement began in 1538 when Spanish conquistadores overran Bacatá, the main seat of the Chibcha Indians; the name was soon corrupted to Bogotá. It became the capital of the Viceroyalty of New Granada and a centre of Spanish colonial power in South America. It was the scene of revolt against Spanish rule (1810–11), and the revolutionary leader Simón Bolívar took the city in 1819. It became the capital of the confederation of Gran Colombia; when that entity was dissolved in 1830, it remained the capital but of New Granada and later the Republic of Colombia. Today Bogotá is an industrial, commercial, educational, and cultural centre.

Variants of BOGOTÁ

Bogotá in full Capital District of Santafé de Bogotá


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