noun \ˈbä-chē\

: a game in which players roll heavy balls across an area of ground and try to get each ball to stop as near as possible to a smaller ball

Full Definition of BOCCIE

:  a game of Italian origin similar to lawn bowling played on a long narrow usually dirt court

Variants of BOCCIE

boc·cie or boc·ci or boc·ce \ˈbä-chē\

Origin of BOCCIE

Italian bocce, plural of boccia ball, from Vulgar Latin *bottia boss
First Known Use: 1860

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(from Italian bocce, “balls”) Game of Italian origin, similar to bowls. It is played on a long, narrow, packed-clay court enclosed with boarded ends and sides. Each player or team in turn rolls four balls (made of wood, metal, or composition material) toward a smaller target ball. The object is to bring the ball to rest nearest the target ball (for which points are awarded at the end of a round), to protect a well-placed ball, or to knock aside an opponent's ball. The game usually proceeds until one side has 12 points.

Variants of BOCCIE

boccie or bocci or bocce


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