noun \ˈblä-kij\

: something that stops something (such as blood) from moving through something (such as a blood vessel)

: the state of being blocked

Full Definition of BLOCKAGE

:  an act or instance of obstructing :  the state of being blocked <a blockage in a coronary artery>

Examples of BLOCKAGE

  1. He had surgery to open up blockages in his arteries.
  2. trying to prevent blockage of the artery

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noun \ˈbläk-ij\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of BLOCKAGE

: the action of blocking or the state of being blocked: as a : blockade 2 b : internal resistance to understanding a communicated idea, to learning new material, or to adopting a new mode of response because of existing habitual ways of thinking, perceiving, and acting—compare blocking


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