Black Sea


Black Sea

geographical name \ˈpän-təs-ˌyük-ˈsī-nəs\

Definition of BLACK SEA

sea between Europe & Asia connected with Aegean Sea through the Bosporus, Sea of Marmara, & Dardanelles area more than 160,000 square miles (414,400 square kilometers)

Variants of BLACK SEA

Black Sea or ancient Pon·tus Eux·i·nus \ˈpän-təs-ˌyük-ˈsī-nəs\ or Pontus

Rhymes with BLACK SEA

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Black Sea

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Sea between Europe and Asia. Bordered by Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania, it has a maximum depth of 7,250 ft (2,210 m). The Black Sea proper has an area of 163,000 sq mi (422,000 sq km). It is connected with the Aegean Sea through the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles, and with the Sea of Azov by Kerch Strait. It receives many rivers, including the Danube, Dniester, Bug, Dnieper, Kuban, Kizil, and Sakarya. The Crimean Peninsula (see Crimea) extends into it from the north. Created when structural upheavals in Asia Minor split off the Caspian basin from the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea gradually became isolated; salinity is now less than half that of the world's oceans. Though long popular for its resorts, it has suffered severe pollution in recent decades.


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