adjective \(ˌ)bī-ˈwē-klē\

: happening every two weeks

: happening twice a week

Full Definition of BIWEEKLY

:  occurring twice a week
:  occurring every two weeks :  fortnightly
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biweekly adverb

Examples of BIWEEKLY

  1. She attends biweekly classes and studies at the library every Saturday.
  2. The biweekly mortgage loan was started in Canada and is now offered by lenders in the United States. This loan is similar to the standard fixed-rate loan except for the frequency of payments. Instead of making one monthly payment, the borrower makes a payment equal to one-half of the normal monthly payment every two weeks … —Stephen R. Mettling et al., Modern Residential Financing Methods, 1990

First Known Use of BIWEEKLY


Other Number-Related Terms

jubilee, myriad, quarantine, score, twain

Rhymes with BIWEEKLY


noun \(ˌ)bī-ˈwē-klē\

: a biweekly publication : a magazine or newspaper that is published every two weeks

Full Definition of BIWEEKLY

:  a publication issued every two weeks

First Known Use of BIWEEKLY

circa 1890

Other Publishing Terms

annotate, dreadful, emend, expurgate, factoid, jump, lobster shift, redaction, referee


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