geographical name \bish-ˈkek\

Definition of BISHKEK

city on Chu River of Kyrgyzstan pop 794,000

Variants of BISHKEK

Bish·kek or 1926–91 Frun·ze \ˈfrün-zi\


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City (pop., 2008 est.: 794,300), capital of Kyrgyzstan. It lies on the Chu River just north of the Kyrgyz Mountains and near the Kazakhstan border. In 1825 the Uzbek khanate of Kokand (see Qo'qon) established a fortress on the site, which in 1862 was captured by the Russians. The Russians mistakenly called it Pishpek. When the Kirgiz (Kyrgyz) Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was set up in 1926, the city became its capital and was renamed Frunze for a Red Army leader who was born there. It developed as an industrial city, especially in World War II (1939–45) when heavy industries from western Russia were moved there.

Variants of BISHKEK

Bishkek or Pishpek formerly (1926–91) Frunze


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