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noun \ˈbərch\

: a type of tree that has outer bark which can be pulled off easily

: the hard, pale wood of the birch

the birch : the punishment of being hit with a birch stick

Full Definition of BIRCH

:  any of a genus (Betula of the family Betulaceae, the birch family) of monoecious deciduous trees or shrubs having simple petioled leaves and typically a layered membranous outer bark that peels readily
:  the hard pale close-grained wood of a birch
:  a birch rod or bundle of twigs for flogging
birch or birch·en \ˈbər-chən\ adjective

Examples of BIRCH

  1. a cabinet made of birch
  2. In those days, schoolchildren got the birch when they misbehaved.

Origin of BIRCH

Middle English, from Old English beorc; akin to Old High German birka birch, Old English beorht bright, and probably to Latin fraxinus ash tree — more at bright
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with BIRCH



Definition of BIRCH

transitive verb
:  to beat with or as if with a birch :  whip

Examples of BIRCH

  1. <students at the private school were once routinely birched for violating the rules>
  2. <always a stern disciplinarian, our father birched anyone who talked back>

First Known Use of BIRCH

BIRCH Defined for Kids


noun \ˈbərch\

Definition of BIRCH for Kids

:  a tree with hard wood and a smooth bark that can be peeled off in thin layers
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