geographical name \bē-ˈō-(ˌ)kō\

Definition of BIOKO

island Equatorial Guinea in Bight of Biafra area 779 square miles (2018 square kilometers)

Variants of BIOKO

Bi·o·ko or formerly Fer·nan·do Póo \fer-ˈnän-(ˌ)dō-ˈpō\ or 1973–79 Ma·cí·as Ngue·ma Bi·yo·go \mä-ˈsē-äs-əŋ-ˈgwä-mə-bē-ˈyō-(ˌ)gō\

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Island (pop., 2001: 260,462), Bight of Biafra, West Africa. It lies 100 mi (160 km) northwest of continental Equatorial Guinea, of which it is a part. Bioko became the official name in 1979. Volcanic in origin, with an area of 779 sq mi (2,018 sq km), it rises sharply from the sea; its highest point is Santa Isabel Peak, at 9,869 ft (3,008 m). Malabo, the country's capital, is located on Bioko. The island was visited by the Portuguese explorer Fernão Pó, probably in 1472. Though the island was claimed by Spain after 1778, the first attempt at firm Spanish control came only in 1858. The original inhabitants, the Bubi, are descendants of Bantu-speaking migrants from the mainland. Many Fang have flocked to the island from the continent.

Variants of BIOKO

Bioko formerly Fernando Pó


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