adjective bi·en·ni·al \(ˌ)bī-ˈe-nē-əl\

: happening every two years

of a plant : living for only two years or seasons : having a life cycle that is two years or seasons long

Full Definition of BIENNIAL

:  occurring every two years
:  continuing or lasting for two years; specifically :  growing vegetatively during the first year and fruiting and dying during the second
biennial noun
bi·en·ni·al·ly \-ə-lē\ adverb

Usage Discussion of BIENNIAL

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Examples of BIENNIAL

  1. The governor explained the biennial budget proposal.

First Known Use of BIENNIAL


Other Number-Related Terms

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BIENNIALLY Defined for Kids


adjective bi·en·ni·al \bī-ˈe-nē-əl\

Definition of BIENNIAL for Kids

:  occurring every two years <a biennial celebration>
:  growing stalks and leaves one year and flowers and fruit the next before dying
bi·en·ni·al·ly \-ē-ə-lē\ adverb

Word Root of BIENNIAL

The Latin word annus, meaning year, gives us the root ann or enn. Words from the Latin annus have something to do with a year. Anything that is annual happens once a year and anything biennial happens once every two years. An anniversary is the return every year of the date on which something special happened. Something perennial continues all year long or comes back each year.



Definition of BIENNIAL for Kids

:  a biennial plant


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