bichon frise

bi·chon fri·se

noun \bē-ˌshōⁿ-frē-ˈzā\
plural bi·chons fri·ses \-ˌshōⁿ-frē-ˈzā(z)\

Definition of BICHON FRISE

:  any of a breed of small sturdy dogs of Mediterranean origin having a thick wavy white coat


modification of French bichon à poil frisé curly-haired lapdog
First Known Use: 1966

bichon frise

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Breed of small dog noted for its fluffy coat and cheerful disposition. Descended from the water spaniel, it stands about 9–12 in. (23–30.5 cm) tall and has a short, blunt muzzle; silky, drooping ears; a puffy, silky, curled coat; and an undercoat. It is mostly white, but may have shadings of cream, gray, or apricot on the head. It originated in the Mediterranean region.


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