noun ber·serk \bə(r)-ˈsərk, ˌbər-, -ˈzərk; ˈbər-ˌ\

Definition of BERSERK

:  an ancient Scandinavian warrior frenzied in battle and held to be invulnerable
:  one whose actions are recklessly defiant

Variants of BERSERK

ber·serk or ber·serk·er \-ˈsər-kər, -ˈzər-; ˈbər-ˌ\

Origin of BERSERK

Old Norse berserkr, probably from ber- bear + serkr shirt
First Known Use: 1818

Other Military Terms

bivouac, logistics, petard, salient, sally, supernumerary, tactical



: crazy and violent especially because of anger

Full Definition of BERSERK

:  frenzied, crazed —usually used in the phrase go berserk <sinister ravings of an imagination gone berserk — John Gruen>
berserk adverb
ber·serk·ly adverb

First Known Use of BERSERK

BERSERK Defined for Kids


adjective ber·serk \bər-ˈsərk, -ˈzərk\

Definition of BERSERK for Kids

:  out of control especially due to extreme anger or excitement
Medical Dictionary


adjective ber·serk \bə(r)-ˈsərk, ˌbər-, -ˈzərk, ˈbər-ˌ\

Medical Definition of BERSERK

:  marked by crazed or frenzied behavior suggestive of sudden mental imbalance—usually used in the phrase go berserk
berserk adverb


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