bent grass


bent grass


Definition of BENT GRASS

:  any of a genus (Agrostis) of grasses including important chiefly perennial and rhizomatous pasture and lawn grasses with fine velvety or wiry herbage

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bent grass

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera variety palustris)—R.G. Doord—The Natural History Photographic Agency/EB Inc.

Any of the annual or perennial grasses that make up the genus Agrostis, in the family Poaceae, found in temperate and cool regions and at high altitudes in subtropical and tropical areas. At least 40 species are found in the U.S.; some are weeds, others forage and turf plants. They have slender stems and flat blades. Many spread by creeping stolons. Redtop (A. gigantea) is a hay and pasture grass. Creeping bent (A. stolonifera variety palustris) and colonial bent (A. tenuis) are popular lawn grasses; the many strains of both species are planted in golf courses and bowling greens, where they are closely cut to develop a fine, spongy, firm turf.


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