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bent grass


Definition of bent grass

  1. :  any of a genus (Agrostis) of grasses including important chiefly perennial and rhizomatous pasture and lawn grasses with fine velvety or wiry herbage


First Known Use of bent grass


Rhymes with bent grass

admass, air mass, alas, Alsace, amass, art glass, avgas, badass, bagasse, beach grass, bear grass, black bass, Black Mass, bluegrass, bromegrass, bunchgrass, bypass, cheatgrass, cordgrass, crabgrass, crevasse, cuirass, cut glass, cut-grass, declass, degas, drop pass, Drygas, eelgrass, en masse, eyeglass, first-class, flint glass, float glass, folk mass, ground glass, groundmass, hand glass, harass, hard-ass, haul ass, high-class, high mass, hourglass, impasse, jackass, jump pass, kelp bass, kick ass, kick-ass, knotgrass, landmass, lead glass, low mass, Madras, milk glass, morass, nut grass, oat grass, outclass, outgas, palliasse, pier glass, plate glass, quartz glass, red mass, repass, rest mass, ribgrass, rock bass, ryegrass, salt grass, sandglass, saw grass, screen pass, sea bass, sheet glass, smart-ass, South Pass, spot pass, spun glass, spyglass, stained glass, star grass, striped bass, subclass, sunglass, sung mass, surpass, sweetgrass, switchgrass, sword grass, teargas, third-class, trespass, Troas, turfgrass, wheatgrass, white bass, wineglass, wire grass, wiseass, witchgrass, word class, world-class, yard grass

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