noun \ˈbench-ˌmärk\

: something that can be used as a way to judge the quality or level of other, similar things

Full Definition of BENCHMARK

usually bench mark :  a mark on a permanent object indicating elevation and serving as a reference in topographic surveys and tidal observations
a :  a point of reference from which measurements may be made
b :  something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged
c :  a standardized problem or test that serves as a basis for evaluation or comparison (as of computer system performance)

Examples of BENCHMARK

  1. a stock whose performance is a benchmark against which other stocks can be measured
  2. <this prize-winning biography will be the benchmark against which all others will be judged in future years>

First Known Use of BENCHMARK

circa 1842

Other Cartography Terms

Robinson projection, plat, projection, topography



Definition of BENCHMARK

transitive verb
:  to study (as a competitor's product or business practices) in order to improve the performance of one's own company

First Known Use of BENCHMARK


Other Business Terms

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