verb \ˈbe-(ˌ)lō\

: to shout in a deep voice

of an animal : to make a deep, loud sound

Full Definition of BELLOW

intransitive verb
:  to make the loud deep hollow sound characteristic of a bull
:  to shout in a deep voice
transitive verb
:  bawl <bellows the orders>
bellow noun

Examples of BELLOW

  1. He bellowed at her to come over at once.
  2. He was bellowing into the phone, giving orders to one of his employees.
  3. The sergeant was bellowing orders.

Origin of BELLOW

Middle English belwen, from Old English bylgian; akin to Old English & Old High German bellan to roar
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with BELLOW


biographical name \ˈbe-(ˌ)lō\

Definition of BELLOW

Saul 1915–2005 Am. (Canad.-born) writer

Rhymes with BELLOW


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