verb \bi-ˈget, bē-\

: to cause (something) to happen or exist

: to become the father of (someone)

be·got\-ˈgät\ also be·gat\-ˈgat\be·got·ten\-ˈgä-tən\ or be·gotbe·get·ting

Full Definition of BEGET

transitive verb
:  to procreate as the father :  sire
:  to produce especially as an effect or outgrowth
be·get·ter noun

Examples of BEGET

  1. He died without begetting an heir.
  2. <one change in the natural environment will beget others>

Origin of BEGET

Middle English begeten, alteration of beyeten, from Old English bigietan — more at get
First Known Use: 13th century


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