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be one's own boss

Definition of be one's own boss

  1. :  have full control of a business or enterprise :  have no boss except for oneself <Jane started her own business so that she could be her own boss.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : used to express immediate or direct kinship

  1. :  to have or hold as property :  possess

    :  to have power or mastery over

    :  to acknowledge to be true, valid, or as claimed :  admit

  1. :  a protuberant part or body

    :  a raised ornamentation :  stud

    :  an ornamental projecting block used in architecture

  1. :  to ornament with bosses :  emboss

    :  to treat (as the surface of porcelain) with a boss

  1. :  a person who exercises control or authority

    :  one who directs or supervises workers

    :  a politician who controls votes in a party organization or dictates appointments or legislative measures

  1. :  excellent, first-rate

  1. :  to act as boss of

  1. :  cow, calf

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