adjective \bō-ˈmā\

Definition of BAUMÉ

:  being, calibrated in accordance with, or according to either of two arbitrary hydrometer scales for liquids lighter than water or for liquids heavier than water that indicate specific gravity in degrees

Origin of BAUMÉ

Antoine Baumé
First Known Use: 1877


biographical name \bō-ˈmā\

Definition of BAUMÉ

Antoine 1728–1804 Fr. chem.


adjective    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of BAUMÉ

: being, measured according to, or calibrated in accordance with a Baumé scale <a Baumé hydrometer>

Biographical Note for BAUMÉ

Bau·mé \bō-mā\ , Antoine (1728–1804), French chemist. Baumé operated a pharmacy and dispensary and designed industrial and laboratory apparatus. In 1768 he designed a hydrometer with a scale having two fixed points (the density of distilled water and that of a salt solution of known concentration), thus enabling the production of properly calibrated instruments. The scale has been named after him, and his name serves as an adjective indicating relationship to or use of the scale.

Variants of BAUMÉ

Bau·mé also Bau·me or Beau·mé \bō-ˈmā, ˈbō-(ˌ)mā\


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