noun bar·na·cle \ˈbär-ni-kəl\

: a kind of small shellfish that attaches itself to rocks and the bottoms of boats underwater

Full Definition of BARNACLE

[from a popular belief that the goose grew from the crustacean] :  any of numerous marine crustaceans (subclass Cirripedia) with feathery appendages for gathering food that are free-swimming as larvae but permanently fixed (as to rocks, boat hulls, or whales) as adults
bar·na·cled \-kəld\ adjective

Illustration of BARNACLE

Origin of BARNACLE

Middle English barnakille, alteration of bernake, bernekke
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Invertebrates (Except Insects) Terms

anemone, cephalopod, quahog
BARNACLE Defined for Kids


noun bar·na·cle \ˈbär-ni-kəl\

Definition of BARNACLE for Kids

:  a small saltwater crustacean that becomes permanently attached (as to rocks or the bottoms of boats) as an adult
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