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adjective ba·nau·sic \bə-ˈnȯ-sik, -zik\

Definition of banausic

  1. :  relating to or concerned with earning a living —used pejoratively <contempt for the banausic occupations — T. S. Eliot>; also :  utilitarian, practical <such mundane and banausic considerations as comfort and durability — G. B. Boyer>

Did You Know?

The ancient Greeks held intellectual pursuits in the highest esteem, and they considered ideal a leisurely life of contemplation. A large population of slaves enabled many Greek citizens to adopt that preferred lifestyle. Those who had others to do the heavy lifting for them tended to regard professional labor with contempt. Their prejudice against the need to toil to earn a living is reflected in the Greek adjective banausikos (the root of banausic), which not only means "of an artisan" (from the word for artisan, banausos) but "nonintellectual" as well.

Origin of banausic

Greek banausikos of an artisan, nonintellectual, vulgar, from banausos artisan

First Known Use: 1845

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