noun \bam-ˈbär-ə\
plural Bambara or Bambaras

Definition of BAMBARA

:  a member of an African people of the upper Niger
:  a Mande language of the Bambara people

Origin of BAMBARA

Arabic bambāra, probably ultimately from Bambara bamana, a self-designation
First Known Use: 1851


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

People of the upper Niger region of Mali who speak a Mande language of the Niger-Congo family. Numbering 3.4 million, the Bambara use the distinctive N'ko alphabet, which reads from right to left, and they are noted for their wood and metal sculptures. In the 17th–18th centuries the Bambara developed two separate empires, one based in Ségou (and including Timbuktu) and the other in Kaarta.


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