noun \ˌbä-li-ˈnēz, ˌba-, -ˈnēs\

Definition of BALINESE

:  a native or inhabitant of Bali
:  any of a breed of slender longhaired cats that originated as a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese
Balinese adjective

Origin of BALINESE

Dutch Balinees, from Bali island of Indonesia
First Known Use: 1820


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

People of the island of Bali, Indon. They differ from other Indonesians in adhering to Hinduism, though their culture has been heavily influenced by the Javanese. In Balinese villages each family lives in its own compound, surrounded by earthen or stone walls; all villages have temples and an assembly hall. Balinese religion fuses Hindu Shaivism with Buddhism, ancestor cults (see ancestor worship), and belief in spirits and magic. Marriage is often limited to members of the same kinship organization, and family relationships are reckoned through the male line.


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