verb baf·fle \ˈba-fəl\

: to confuse (someone) completely

baf·fledbaf·fling \-f(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of BAFFLE

transitive verb
:  to defeat or check (as a person) by confusing or puzzling :  disconcert
:  to check or break the force or flow of by or as if by a baffle
baf·fle·ment \-fəl-mənt\ noun
baf·fler \-f(ə-)lər\ noun
baf·fling·ly \ˈba-fliŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of BAFFLE

  1. I was baffled by many of the scientific terms used in the article.
  2. <the language barrier baffled everyone and discouraged us from attempting another teleconference>

Origin of BAFFLE

probably alteration of Middle English (Scots) bawchillen to denounce, discredit publicly
First Known Use: 1675

Rhymes with BAFFLE



: a device (such as a wall or screen) that is used to control the flow of something (such as a fluid, light, or sound)

Full Definition of BAFFLE

:  a device (as a plate, wall, or screen) to deflect, check, or regulate flow or passage (as of a fluid, light, or sound)
baf·fled \ˈba-fəld\ adjective

First Known Use of BAFFLE


Other Audio Recording Terms

dub, fidelity, transcription, treble

Rhymes with BAFFLE


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