noun \ˈbak-ˌga-mən, ˌbak-ˈ\

: a board game for two players in which the players throw dice and try to move all of their pieces around and off the board

Full Definition of BACKGAMMON

:  a board game played with dice and counters in which players try to be the first to gather their pieces into one corner and then systematically remove them from the board


perhaps from 3back + Middle English gamen, game game
First Known Use: circa 1645

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Two-person game played by moving counters (called stones) on a board or table, the movement of the counters being controlled by the throw of two dice. The board has four sections (called tables), each marked with six narrow wedges (points) in two alternating colors. Representing the two opposing sides are 15 white and 15 black stones. Stones are moved from point to point in opposite directions according to the number of points shown on the dice. On getting all 15 of his stones into his own home (inner) table, a player may begin “bearing off”—moving his stones to an imaginary point beyond the edge of the board. The player who first bears off all 15 stones wins the game. Backgammon is one of the most ancient board games, dating from 3000 BC.


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