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noun back·court \-ˈkȯrt\

Definition of backcourt

  1. 1 :  the area near or nearest the back boundary lines or back wall of the playing area in a net or court game

  2. 2 a :  a basketball team's defensive half of the court b :  the positions of the guards on a basketball team; also :  the guards themselves <a team with a strong backcourt>


First Known Use of backcourt


Rhymes with backcourt

abort, airport, amort, aport, assort, athwart, bellwort, birthwort, bistort, blood sport, Bridgeport, carport, cavort, cohort, colewort, comport, consort, contort, crosscourt, deport, disport, distort, downcourt, effort, escort, exhort, export, extort, fall short, figwort, forecourt, for short, free port, frontcourt, glasswort, Gosport, Gulfport, half-court, homeport, home port, in short, jetport, lousewort, lungwort, madwort, milkwort, mugwort, Newport, outport, passport, presort, purport, ragwort, report, re-sort, resort, retort, sandwort, seaport, sell short, Shreveport, spaceport, spearwort, spoilsport, Stockport, support, toothwort, transport

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