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adjective or adverb

Simple Definition of back–to–back

  • : facing in opposite directions and often touching at the back

  • : coming one after another in time

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of back–to–back

  1. 1 :  facing in opposite directions and often touching

  2. 2 :  coming one after the other :  consecutive

15th Century

First Known Use of back–to–back

15th century

Rhymes with back–to–back

almanac, amberjack, anorak, antiblack, applejack, Arawak, Aurillac, bivouac, black-on-black, brainiac, bric-a-brac, Cadillac, camelback, canvasback, cardiac, carryback, celiac, cornerback, Cousin Jack, crackerjack, cul-de-sac, diamondback, fiddleback, Gay-Lussac, gunnysack, hackmatack, haversack, high-low-jack, huckaback, hydrocrack, iliac, ipecac, Kodiak, ladder-back, leatherback, lumberjack, maniac, medevac, Merrimack, mommy track, multipack, nunatak, Nunivak, off-the-rack, paperback, Pasternak, piggyback, quarterback, razorback, retropack, running back, sandarac, Sarawak, silverback, single-track, snapper-back, steeplejack, stickleback, Syriac, tamarack, theriac, tokamak, turtleback, umiak, Unimak, zodiac

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