noun \ˈaz-məth, ˈa-zə-\

Definition of AZIMUTH

:  an arc of the horizon measured between a fixed point (as true north) and the vertical circle passing through the center of an object usually in astronomy and navigation clockwise from the north point through 360 degrees
:  horizontal direction expressed as the angular distance between the direction of a fixed point (as the observer's heading) and the direction of the object
az·i·muth·al \ˌa-zə-ˈmə-thəl\ adjective
az·i·muth·al·ly \-ˈmə-thə-lē\ adverb

Illustration of AZIMUTH

Origin of AZIMUTH

Middle English, from Medieval Latin azimut, from Arabic al-sumūt the azimuth, plural of al-samt the way
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Astronomy Terms

gibbous, nadir, nebulous, penumbra, retrograde, sidereal, syzygy, wane, wax, zenith


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