noun \ˈak-səl\

: a bar on which a wheel or a pair of wheels turns

Full Definition of AXLE

a :  a pin or shaft on or with which a wheel or pair of wheels revolves
b (1) :  a fixed bar or beam with bearings at its ends on which wheels (as of a cart) revolve
(2) :  the spindle of such a beam
archaic :  axis

Origin of AXLE

Middle English axel- (as in axeltre)
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Automotive Terms

articulated, block, choke, clutch, diesel, neutral, transmission


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Pin or shaft on or with which wheels revolve; with fixed wheels, one of the basic simple machines for amplifying force. Combined with the wheel, in its earliest form it was probably used for raising weights or water buckets from wells. Its principle of operation can be illustrated in the attachment of large and small gears to the same shaft; the tendency of a force applied at the radius on the large gear to turn the shaft is sufficient to overcome a larger force at the radius on the small gear. The mechanical advantage is equal to the ratio of the two forces and also equal to the ratio of the radii of the two gears.


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