adjective \ə-ˈvā-lə-bəl\

: easy or possible to get or use

: present or ready for use

: present and able or willing to talk to someone

Full Definition of AVAILABLE

archaic :  having a beneficial effect
:  valid —used of a legal plea or charge
:  present or ready for immediate use <available resources>
:  accessible, obtainable <articles available in any drugstore>
:  qualified or willing to do something or to assume a responsibility <available candidates>
:  present in such chemical or physical form as to be usable (as by a plant) <available nitrogen> <available water>
avail·able·ness noun
avail·ably \-blē\ adverb

Examples of AVAILABLE

  1. The family kept emergency supplies available.
  2. The dress is also available in larger sizes.
  3. The articles are available at any drugstore.
  4. Fresh fruit is available during the summer.
  5. The drug is readily available in Europe.
  6. The report will soon be made available to the public.
  7. I missed the plane, and the next available flight doesn't leave until tomorrow.
  8. All available resources were used.
  9. She spent every available dollar on her hobby.
  10. Parking is available for people staying at the hotel.

First Known Use of AVAILABLE

15th century

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