noun \-ˈster-ə-tē, -ˈste-rə- also -ˈstir-ə-\

: a simple and plain quality : an austere quality

: a situation in which there is not much money and it is spent only on things that are necessary

austerities : things that are done to live in a simple and plain way

plural aus·ter·i·ties

Full Definition of AUSTERITY

:  the quality or state of being austere
a :  an austere act, manner, or attitude
b :  an ascetic practice
:  enforced or extreme economy

Examples of AUSTERITY

  1. the austerity of the design
  2. The austerity of their lifestyle was surprising.
  3. They lived through years of austerity after the war.
  4. the austerities practiced by monks

First Known Use of AUSTERITY

14th century


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