adjective \-ˈgəst, ˈ-(ˌ)gəst\

: having a formal and impressive quality

Full Definition of AUGUST

:  marked by majestic dignity or grandeur <her august lineage>
au·gust·ly adverb
au·gust·ness \-ˈgəs(t)-nəs, ˈ-(ˌ)gəs(t)-\ noun

Examples of AUGUST

  1. We visited their august mansion and expansive grounds.
  2. The family claims an august lineage.

Origin of AUGUST

Latin augustus; akin to Latin augur
First Known Use: 1581


noun \ˈ-gəst\

: the eighth month of the year

Full Definition of AUGUST

:  the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar

Examples of AUGUST

  1. We are taking our vacation in August.
  2. The last two Augusts have been very dry.

Origin of AUGUST

Middle English, from Old English, from Latin Augustus, from Augustus Caesar
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Calendar Terms

antedate, estival, gloaming, luster, sesquicentennial


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