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noun au·di·to·ry \ˈ-də-ˌtr-ē\

Definition of AUDITORY

archaic :  audience
archaic :  auditorium

Origin of AUDITORY

Middle English auditorie, from Latin auditorium
First Known Use: 14th century



: relating to hearing or the ears

Full Definition of AUDITORY

:  of, relating to, or experienced through hearing <auditory stimuli>
au·di·to·ri·ly adverb

Examples of AUDITORY

  1. The patient has damage to the auditory nerve.
  2. <I have a bad auditory memory—unless I see a word in writing, and not just hear it, I forget it easily.>

Origin of AUDITORY

Late Latin auditorius
First Known Use: 1578
AUDITORILY Defined for Kids


adjective au·di·to·ry \ˈ-də-ˌtr-ē\

Definition of AUDITORY for Kids

:  of or relating to hearing <an auditory nerve>

Word Root of AUDITORY

The Latin word audīre, meaning to hear or to listen, gives us the root aud. Words from the Latin audīre have to do with hearing. Anything audible is loud enough to be heard. An audience is a group of people who listen to or watch a performance. Anything auditory is related to the sense of hearing.


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