Atlas Mountains

At·las Mountains

geographical name \ˈat-ləs\


mountains NW Africa extending from SW Morocco to NE Tunisia; its highest peaks are in the Grand, or High, Atlas in SW cen Morocco — see toubkal (Jebel)

Atlas Mountains

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Mountain system, northwestern Africa. It extends some 1,200 mi (2,000 km) from the Moroccan port of Agadir in the southwest to the Tunisian capital of Tunis in the northeast. It comprises several ranges, rising to various elevations, including the High Atlas in Morocco; the Tell, or Maritime, Atlas, which runs along the coast from Morocco to Tunisia; and the Saharan Atlas in Algeria, located farther inland and running adjacent to the Sahara. Among these ranges are situated numerous plateaus and plains that support diverse ecologies. The system's highest peak is Morocco's Mount Toubkal, elevation 13,665 ft (4,165 m).


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