noun at·las \ˈat-ləs\

: a book of maps

Full Definition of ATLAS

capitalized :  a Titan who for his part in the Titans' revolt against the gods is forced by Zeus to support the heavens on his shoulders
capitalized :  one who bears a heavy burden
a :  a bound collection of maps often including illustrations, informative tables, or textual matter
b :  a bound collection of tables, charts, or plates
:  the first vertebra of the neck
plural usually at·lan·tes \ət-ˈlan-(ˌ)tēz, at-\ :  a male figure used like a caryatid as a supporting column or pilaster —called also telamon

Examples of ATLAS

  1. a road atlas of the U.S.

Illustration of ATLAS

Origin of ATLAS

Latin Atlant-, Atlas, from Greek
First Known Use: 1513

Other Cartography Terms

Robinson projection, benchmark, plat, projection, topography

Rhymes with ATLAS

ATLANTES Defined for Kids


noun at·las \ˈat-ləs\

Definition of ATLAS for Kids

:  a book of maps
Medical Dictionary


noun at·las \ˈat-ləs\

Medical Definition of ATLAS

:  the first vertebra of the neck

Biographical Note for ATLAS

Atlas, Greek mythological character. In Greek legend Atlas was a Titan who took part in the revolt against the gods. As a punishment he was condemned to hold the heavens aloft forever. Atlas was usually represented as a human figure bearing the heavens or the celestial globe upon his shoulders.


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