adjective as·sid·u·ous \ə-ˈsij-wəs, -ˈsi-jə-\

: showing great care, attention, and effort

Full Definition of ASSIDUOUS

:  marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application <an assiduous book collector> <tended her garden with assiduous attention>
as·sid·u·ous·ly adverb
as·sid·u·ous·ness noun

Examples of ASSIDUOUS

  1. They were assiduous in their search for all the latest facts and figures.
  2. The project required some assiduous planning.


Latin assiduus, from assidēre
First Known Use: 1622

Synonym Discussion of ASSIDUOUS

busy, industrious, diligent, assiduous, sedulous mean actively engaged or occupied. busy chiefly stresses activity as opposed to idleness or leisure <too busy to spend time with the children>. industrious implies characteristic or habitual devotion to work <industrious employees>. diligent suggests earnest application to some specific object or pursuit <very diligent in her pursuit of a degree>. assiduous stresses careful and unremitting application <assiduous practice>. sedulous implies painstaking and persevering application <a sedulous investigation of the murder>.
ASSIDUOUSNESS Defined for Kids


adjective as·sid·u·ous \ə-ˈsi-jə-wəs\

Definition of ASSIDUOUS for Kids

:  showing great care, attention, and effort <They were assiduous in gathering evidence.>
as·sid·u·ous·ly adverb


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