noun \ˈäsh-rəm, -ˌräm; ˈash-ˌram\

: a place where a person or a group of people go to live separately from the rest of society and practice the Hindu religion

Full Definition of ASHRAM

:  a secluded dwelling of a Hindu sage; also :  the group of disciples instructed there
:  a religious retreat

Origin of ASHRAM

Sanskrit āśrama, from śrama religious exercise
First Known Use: 1917


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Hinduism, any of the four stages of life through which a “twice-born” (see upanayana) Hindu ideally will pass. These stages are: the student, who is devoted and obedient to his teacher; the householder, who supports his family and the priests and fulfills duties to the gods and ancestors; the hermit, who withdraws from society to pursue ascetic and yogic practices; and the homeless mendicant, who renounces all possessions and wanders from place to place begging for food. In English the word has come to mean a place for the pursuit of spiritual or religious disciplines, often under a guru.

Variants of ASHRAM

ashram or ashrama


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