Aru Islands

Aru Islands

geographical name \ˈär-(ˌ)ü\

Definition of ARU ISLANDS

islands E Indonesia S of W New Guinea area 3305 square miles (8593 square kilometers), pop 29,604

Aru Islands

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Island group, eastern Indonesia. The easternmost island group of the Moluccas, located off southwestern New Guinea, it stretches north-south about 110 mi (180 km) and extends some 50 mi (80 km) east-west. The group consists of six main islands (Warilau, Kola, Wokam, Kobroor, Maikoor, and Trangan), which are separated by narrow channels, and dozens of smaller islands. Dobo, on Wamar Island, is the principal harbour. The islands became part of Indonesia in 1949.


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