adjective \ˈer-ə-gənt, ˈa-rə-\

: having or showing the insulting attitude of people who believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people : having or showing arrogance

Full Definition of ARROGANT

:  exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner <an arrogant official>
:  showing an offensive attitude of superiority :  proceeding from or characterized by arrogance <an arrogant reply>
ar·ro·gant·ly adverb

Examples of ARROGANT

  1. She's first in her class, but she's not arrogant about it.
  2. <the arrogant young lawyer elbowed his way to the head of the line of customers, declaring that he was too busy to wait like everybody else>
  3. Tim Blixseth, the founder of the Yellowstone Club and other gated hideaways, tells Frank: I don't like most rich people. They can be arrogant. This from a man who owns two Shih Tzus named Learjet and G2. —Alex Beam, New York Times Book Review, 10 June 2007

Origin of ARROGANT

Middle English, from Latin arrogant-, arrogans, present participle of arrogare (see arrogate)
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to ARROGANT

assumptive, bumptious, cavalier, chesty, haughty, highfalutin (also hifalutin), high-and-mighty, high-handed, high-hat, huffish, huffy, imperious, important, lofty, lordly, masterful, overweening, peremptory, pompous, presuming, presumptuous, pretentious, self-asserting, self-assertive, sniffy, stiff-necked, supercilious, superior, toplofty (also toploftical), uppish, uppity
humble, lowly, modest, unarrogant, unpretentious
See Synonym Discussion at proud


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