noun \är-ˈmē-nē-ən, -nyən\

Definition of ARMENIAN

:  a member of a people dwelling chiefly in Armenia and neighboring areas (as Turkey or Azerbaijan)
:  the Indo-European language of the Armenians — see indo-european languages table
:  a member of the Armenian church established by St. Gregory the Illuminator that adheres to the decisions of the first three ecumenical councils
Armenian adjective

First Known Use of ARMENIAN

circa 1537


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Member of an Indo-European people first recognized in the early 7th century BC when they moved into areas of Transcaucasia, Anatolia, and the Middle East that came to be known as Armenia. Armenian history has been one of nearly constant struggles for independence from foreign domination, first from the Medes and Persians, the Seleucid dynasty, and the Roman Republic and Empire and later from the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuq dynasty, the Ottoman Empire, the Safavid dynasty, and tsarist Russia. At the beginning of the 20th century most Armenians were driven from Anatolia or killed by Ottoman forces during the Armenian massacres. The Republic of Armenia was declared in 1990 after being part of the Soviet Union since 1922. More than 3.5 million Armenians live there, and there is an appreciable diaspora in other countries of Transcaucasia, in parts of the Middle East, and in the West. Armenian culture reached an apex in the 14th century, producing highly regarded sculpture, architecture, and fine art. Until the 20th century, Armenians were primarily agricultural; now they are highly urbanized. Traditionally they are either Orthodox or Roman Catholic Christians; Armenia was considered the first Christian state.

Variants of ARMENIAN

Armenian Armenian Hay plural Hayk or Hayq


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