noun \ˈa-(ˌ)rēz, ˈer-(ˌ)ēz\

Definition of ARES

:  the Greek god of war — compare mars

Origin of ARES

Greek Arēs
First Known Use: 1681


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ares, classical sculpture; in the National Roman Museum, Rome—Anderson—Alinari/Art Resource, New York

Greek god of war. Unlike his Roman counterpart, Mars, his worship was not extensive. From the time of Homer, he was one of the Olympian deities, the son of Zeus and Hera, but disliked by the other gods. His worship occurred largely in northern Greece. He was associated from early times with Aphrodite, occasionally portrayed as his legitimate wife and at other times his lover. He was accompanied in battle by his sister Eris (strife) and by two of his children by Aphrodite, Phobos and Deimos (Panic and Rout).


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