April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day


: April 1 celebrated as a day on which people play tricks on each other

Full Definition of APRIL FOOLS' DAY

:  April 1 characteristically marked by the playing of practical jokes

Variants of APRIL FOOLS' DAY

April Fools' Day also April Fool's Day

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April Fools' Day

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

First day of April, named for the custom of playing practical jokes on that date. Though it has been observed for centuries in several countries, including France and Britain, its origin is unknown. It resembles the Hilaria festival of ancient Rome (March 25) and the Holi festival of India (ending March 31). The custom of playing April Fools' jokes was brought to America by the British.

Variants of APRIL FOOLS' DAY

April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day


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