noun \ˈa-pə-nij\

Definition of APPANAGE

a :  a grant (as of land or revenue) made by a sovereign or a legislative body to a dependent member of the royal family or a principal vassal
b :  a property or privilege appropriated to or by a person as something due
:  a rightful endowment or adjunct

Variants of APPANAGE

ap·pa·nage also a·pa·nage \ˈa-pə-nij\

Examples of APPANAGE

  1. <use of the grounds was just one appanage he bestowed upon the caretakers of his estate>
  2. <wealthy people who believe that political power is their natural appanage>

Origin of APPANAGE

French apanage, from Old French, from apaner to provide for a younger offspring, from Medieval Latin appanare, from Latin ad- + panis bread — more at food
First Known Use: 1602


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In France, primarily from the 13th to the 16th century, the giving of lands or pensions to children of the royal family. Established to provide for the younger brothers and sisters of the king, appanages also helped develop royal administration within the lands concerned. The Ordinance of Moulins (1566) made royal lands inalienable, so all appanages would eventually revert to the crown. They were abolished during the French Revolution but were briefly reestablished between 1810 and 1832.


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