noun \ˈa-ˌplīt\

Definition of APLITE

:  a fine-grained light-colored granite consisting almost entirely of quartz and feldspar
ap·lit·ic \a-ˈpli-tik\ adjective

Origin of APLITE

probably from German Aplit, from Greek haploos simple — more at hapl-
First Known Use: 1879


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any igneous rock of simple composition, such as granite composed only of alkali feldspar, muscovite mica, and quartz; in a more restricted sense, uniformly fine-grained (less than 0.08 in., or 2 mm), light-coloured igneous rocks that have a characteristic granular texture. Unlike pegmatite, which is similar but much coarser-grained, aplite occurs in small bodies that rarely contain zones of different minerals. The two rocks may occur together and are assumed to have formed at the same time from similar magmas.

Variants of APLITE

aplite or haplite


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