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ants in one's pants

Definition of ants in one's pants


  1. :  a strong feeling of wanting to be active and not wait for something :  a feeling of excitement and impatience <a little kid with ants in her pants>

Word by Word Definitions

antplay ants
  1. :  any of a family (Formicidae) of colonial hymenopterous insects with a complex social organization and various castes performing special duties

  1. : antenna

    : antonym

pantplay pants
  1. :  to breathe quickly, spasmodically, or in a labored manner

    :  to run panting

    :  to move with or make a throbbing or puffing sound

  1. :  a panting breath

    :  the visible movement of the chest accompanying such a breath

    :  a throbbing or puffing sound

  1. :  men's underpants

    :  pantie

  1. :  of or relating to pants

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