noun \an-ˈhiŋ-gə\

Definition of ANHINGA

:  any of a genus (Anhinga) of fish-eating birds related to the cormorants but distinguished by a longer neck and sharply pointed rather than hooked bill; especially :  one (A. anhinga) occurring from the southern United States to Argentina

Origin of ANHINGA

New Latin, probably ultimately from Tupi *ajíŋa
First Known Use: 1769

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any fish-eating bird of the family Anhingidae (order Pelecaniformes), sometimes considered a single species (Anhinga anhinga) with geographical variants. Anhingas are about 35 in. (90 cm) long, slender, and long-necked. They are mostly black, with silvery wing markings. Males, glossed with green, develop pale head plumes and a dark “mane” in breeding season. Anhingas live in small colonies along lakes and rivers in tropical to warm temperate regions except in Europe. They swim nearly submerged; the head and neck show above water, darting snakelike from side to side.

Variants of ANHINGA

anhinga or snakebird


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