noun \ˈaŋ-gəs\

Definition of ANGUS

:  any of a breed of usually black hornless beef cattle originating in Scotland

Origin of ANGUS

Angus, county in Scotland
First Known Use: 1842


geographical name \ˈaŋ-gəs\

Definition of ANGUS

administrative area E Scotland area 842 square miles (2181 square kilometers)

Variants of ANGUS

An·gus or earlier For·far \ˈfr-fər\ or For·far·shire \-ˌshir, -shər\


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Breed of black, hornless beef cattle. Formerly known as Aberdeen Angus, it originated in northeastern Scotland, but its ancestry is obscure. Angus have a compact and low-set body. The fine quality of the flesh and the high dressing percentage make it a beef breed of the highest rank. Introduced into the U.S. in 1873, its influence there and in other countries spread widely thereafter.


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