adjective \ə-ˈnē-mik\

medical : relating to or suffering from anemia

: not strong, forceful, or impressive

Full Definition of ANEMIC

:  relating to or affected with anemia
a :  lacking force, vitality, or spirit <an anemic rendition of the song> <anemic efforts at enforcement>
b :  lacking interest or savor :  insipid <anemic wines>
c :  lacking in substance or quantity <anemic returns on an investment> <anemic attendance>
ane·mi·cal·ly \-mi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of ANEMIC

  1. The doctor told me I was slightly anemic.
  2. The band played an anemic rendition of a classic love song.
  3. Investors are worried about the stock's anemic performance.
  4. Officials worried about anemic attendance at the shows.
  5. Sales rose an anemic 0.5 percent last quarter.

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